intimacy, coffee, books; these are the rules

I slip my tongue
into her mouth
and her lips cave,
my body falls over
her body falling
down to the floor,
and her limbs tangle
into mine.

Her skin is tanned and soft,
she smells of red wine.
It is late in February.


“I don’t know, Chase, hanging out together
isn’t as easy for me as it is for you.”

Chase Torbergson (chasetor)

Apr 28 15:25with 6 notes

for and for

and for her lips I follow
my heart working harder for
her kiss coursing;for through
my arteries and from my veins for
her thighs push and
pull her soft and my fingers curl,uncurl
and inside of her she unfurls
into with her tongue through
my lips;lips caked and
her toes curl her arms about my
me I press up into her body wet:and cumming
her sounds against my jawbones and
blind eyes shut tight in and
her body is iron for seconds then
mercury in waves for
my few fingers feel undulating soft,hard
of her cumming and they
are wet and I for
pull them to our
slip them to her between her
full lips her tongue and
I am struck in for her eyes
open and straight to mine for
she slips them into,from her mouth and
for her lips I follow;my heart
beating harder for her

Chase Torbergson (chasetor)

lips full pressed against
your lips,
tongue pushing against
your tongue, pushes against
my tongue, pushes against
your tongue,
slight pull back


close back lungs take in breath / breath breaks
beneath waves again,
and again,
and again,

lips full pressed against your neck,
teeth carving small moons from
your nape
move down,
and again
move down,
and again
move down,
slight pull back


closed back breasts take in breath and lips / break against
your lips again,
and again,
and again.

Chase Torbergson

Light as my lips, growing
delicately around your
eyes, and down along your
cheek bones, and through
where your lips part,

Are my kisses, that take
seed among your teeth, while
our tongues move soil among
fallen petals, falling from
our love.

Chase Torbergson

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